Thursday, August 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum. Long time not see right ? I'm so soory, i got fever and can't concentrate with my career now. I need time to rest and calm. I'm so sorry for not spend time more time in blogwalking and chatting with my blogger friends. I not forgot you all, but just, I need a time :) Hope you guys understand. Huhuhu

Okey, I just came back from clinic and doctor give me a lot of medicine T_T my gosh, how I am supposed to eat all my medicine? I'm not a big fan of medicine, actually, nobody do.

This entry I wanna share with you all that I do design photobook. This price is promotion till September actually, but I will try to maintained this promotion till last end of the year 2016. (terms and condition)

Don't let your family/friend photos merely live in your computer. I know we're living in a digital age, but I still believe that there is just something special about a printed pictures. Or a whole bunch of printed photos all combined together. In a book. From wedding books, engagement albums, books of trips and one full of family pictures, to personal portfolios and corporate books.

Do contact me or PM now :

If you interested , can contact me or PM now :



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