Saturday, November 26, 2011

Giveaway By Triple F

1. It is compulsory for all participants to follow my blog, as well as Faja's and Farinah's blogs (:

2. It is compulsory for all participants to like Fajaratul Husna's Official Blog and The Sister's Project Facebook Pages

3. A Malaysian

4. Create one blog entry (a simple one will do) regarding this giveaway. And don't forget to copy this (giveaway banner) and paste it in the entry too (:

5. Put the link of your blog entries in the comment box of any one of us.

6. Tag two or more people to join this giveaway. And they must be aware of it (:

7. And it is compulsory for every participants to like sponsor's Facebook pages. (links will be given below)

8. We'll use to choose our winners. There will be three winners including one grand prize winner (:

9. The winners will be announced on the 26/12/2011. All winners will be notified via their own respective blogs.

The end date is 24/12/2011 which is a month from now, so, call your family, friends, teachers and everyone to join our giveaway :D

The awesome blossom prizes :D (more to come soon!)

Shawl Satin 2 layer x2 - Raudhah Shawl Store

Feather necklace x1 Sis Fika

A dress - KZYMxSTORE

Vintage rings, Flowery long skirt and bawal inner - JCS

Handmade reversible hobo bag x1 - 

Cotton Silk Polka Dot Shawl x1 - Mingle Mingle Shop

Pixels x3 - Pixelovers

Necklace and Bawal Scarf - Pepsy Stuff

Pretty Pashmina x2 - Syurene

Red Lomo Aquapix - Sizuka Online Boutique

Blogskin x2, Review Blog x1 - Syah Zahari

Review Blog x2 - Scha Feeqah

Edit Classic Templates x3 - Anis Fariha

Header Splatter x3 - Aina Hanani

Edit Simple Template x2 - Zata Zaini

Edit Classic Templates x2 - Aina Draculla

Header x3 - Deqanne Sketzbuk

Header x3 - Dalila Kiroro

so what are you waiting for? come on create an entry and join this giveaway :D

tagged : Shazana Zainal , Qienah , Idayu .

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